The workshop of the conscious dreamer
… and the instigator of suspicion of excessive reason
The brightly colored stage curtains have just opened.
Imagine also an immaculate train station, bathed in the so? light of the early morning …
The space separating the long sections of fabric reveals a tall base on which stands an old glass globe.
A centuries-old tradition intended for these globes to collect and protect the bouquet worn by the bride
on her wedding day.
“Ah, if this globe could speak”, I say to myself …
But when paying closer attention, I heard a gentle purr on this morning of April 8, 2020.
At first barely audible, it gradually increased …
The sound, although muted by the glass globe from which it came, resembled a song, a chanting whisper.
Strange discovery…
In spite of myself, I felt attracted to this object that the light made unreal. A strange feeling of being
between reality and a waking dream.
I then saw a sound under the globe combined by regular tremors.
And yes, ‘see’ a sound…
I heard a fairly dense smoke that began to envelop me.
And yes, I heard smoke …
Confusion of the senses, marriage of sensations …
A male voice said to me at this moment:
“Don’t look at the bouquet I brought you, just imagine it.
It is made up of delicate orange blossoms combined with wax beads.
This bouquet is for you, this bouquet is for us ”.
The rhythm of a syncopated sound was always present.
A dense, so? and creamy smoke caressed my body.
At that moment I opened my eyes because they had closed on their own.
A steam locomotive like the one I played with as a child was in front of me.
Black, shiny, magnificent…
It advanced quietly under the transparent globe.
The voice came back to me and revealed the secret of its presence in my workshop.
“Look at this smoke, do you recognize it?”
It presents silver reflections and hints close to the color of earth and clay.
“This smoke is you …”
Me ?
“Yes, the smoke contains your genomes.”
At closer inspection, I noticed that the smoke curls consisted of fairly short filaments.
Hair, my hair …
Everything suddenly lit up, everything became obvious.
My hair, a groom’s globe, a well-known voice and flowers that I like, delicately placed on a train seat.
It was Michel’s voice …