Born in Brussels in 1959.
Lives and work in Brussels.
Graduate as Interior Architect from Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Brussels.
Training in communication at UCL ( COMU).
Training in sculpture Philippe Le Docte workshop (Académie Constantin Meunier in Brussels).
Professor of Design and Color at Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Brussels.


“Let’s nest … in Benoît’s garden

Playful diversions for daydreams

Raise the questions on too much reason”


Overlay the images, the allusions, the encounters, the feelings, has become over the years a real obsession, instilling energy in me.
Playing with the everyday to create a reflexion on society or life moments, like love, death, religion, family, social balance, exclusive love etc…drives me towards grounds linked to my concerns as a human and a citizen.

Humor allows me to approach serious or delicate matters using messages that are « poetically encoded ».
The suggestive power of an artwork is more interesting for me than all the « scholarly » comments that can be done about it or even the technical challenges linked with its achievement.
I feel a real pleasure when an unknown person appropriates spontaneously and freely one of my stories. No need of an instruction manual, I trust the sensorial and conceptual decoder that each individual has in him.
The relation with the space, in a powerful integration with the environment, anchors my reflexion in the materiality and facilitates access to my work.
To provoke an improbable meeting between two realities, to associate the contraries or the divergents in a given context, enables to explore the limits of new spatial storytellings.
The breaking point of a work which looks balanced is never very far.
To blur certainties, shake up decorum and balance of political correctness stimulates my curiosity.
This perhaps sums up some quest for eternity, knowing that nobody is expected to do the impossible.