Birdinvest is an adventure that has assembled 500 artists

from all over the world including: Panamarenko, Roger Raveel, David Nash, Richard    Long, Bram Bogaert …

One goal was to raise a questioning of contemporary society and the way it works ( ecology, health, culture, overconsumption…)

An orchard with 500 apple trees has welcomed 500 original bird nests in Borgloon, in Limburg.

Through this event, the organizers wanted to bring awareness to a large public the issue of abusive and uncontrolled use of pesticides.

Birds are an important link in the natural balance, a health pledge.

A suitcase/ birdnest has enabled me to develop a story in which cohabited the archetype concepts of house, mobility and uncertainty.

To my great happiness, birds actually came nesting time of exhibit.

Sign of hope, moment of lucidity, chance ?